Pharmatools’ newly designed pill tray and spatula can help your pharmacy speed up the process of filling prescriptions

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Pill Counter Tray with Spatula BlueProfit matters and it’s what keeps businesses in business. Thankfully, PharmaTools can help your independent or chain pharmacy speed up the delivery of prescriptions to your pharmacy’s customers with PharmaTools new Pill Counting Tray and Spatula.

Older trays often do not accommodate larger pill sizes or the larger 90-day prescription orders. PharmaTools newly-designed PharmaTrayTM, and PharmaSpatTM, represent significant innovations for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and are designed to keep up with the growing demand and the needs of busy pharmacies.

With nearly 5 billion prescriptions written in the United States last year alone, pharmacies have experienced increased pressure for exacting quality control measures to protect their customers, as well as their own corporate demand for excellence.

PharmaTools new patent-pending designs allow for the efficient and, more importantly, accurate filling of large prescription orders while addressing the large pills that pharmacy techs must prepare every day. Before PharmaTools designs, the pill trays and counting spatulas used in nationwide pharmacies had not changed for more than 54 years.

Advantages of PharmaTray

  • Made of polycarbonate which does not crack or hold powder
  • Round edges make it easier to clean
  • Large tray surface holds three times more pills
  • Large surface pouring area and opening facilitates easier, more efficient flow of pills
  • Well-designed bump prevents the roll out of the pills
  • Unobstructed tray surface allows for branding and advertising

Advantages of PharmaSpat Counting Spatula

    • Features a tapered, stainless-steel blade attached to a comfortable, solid polycarbonate handle
    • Has 6 tools-in-1
    • Designed with a curvature that prevents pills from rolling away
    • Hook removes cotton and paper from pill bottles
    • Multi-purpose tool pops off safety caps and breaks safety seals

If your pharmacy has room for more efficiency and profit, contact the pharmacy tool experts at PharmaTools for more information about PharmaTools patent-pending pharmacy products today. Visit us at or 815-317-6619 for more information.

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